El Prado – Horizonte

Located close to the town of Marsella at an altitude of 4125-6105 ft. above sea level, it provides coffee with features that altitud specially gives.


There are varieties Arábiga Caturra, Castillo® Naranjal, Castillo® Tambo Cauca, Buesaco and Bourbon.


Our crops are treated with mild and moderate toxicity products and are strictly prohibited pesticides restricted by the Agency of the protection environmental (EPA) of the United States of America, substances that have been banned globally under the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants (POP), substances included in annex III of the Rotterdam agreed program of prior informed consent (PIC) as well as all substances in the list of the dirty dozen of the network of action of pesticides (“Pesticide Action Network”).


The above, to ensure that the product that you consume is as natural as possible and that, to consume them, you see not exposed to residues of chemicals that the vast majority of products today have.

La Argentina

Located in the rural town of the municipality of Marsella at an altitude of 4600 ft. above sea level.


We have Arábiga Caturra and Variety Colombia, which are cultivated organically, with zero use of chemicals.


To fight against pests and diseases we use organic products produced on the same farm, caring even more the Earth, water, air and of course, your health.


In adittion, this farm has the world renowned “Forest of Don Manuel”, which owes its fame to the former owner of this property, who sowed a tree every day. His work was recognized by the UN in 1989, giving him the Global 500 Award.

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