Our commitments

In Café Hacienda Horizontes, we do friendly practices with the environment and biodiversity, preserving natural resources, caring for water births, planting trees and picking up the garbage.

Recognizing that the cultivation of coffee will endure in time only if we take care of the natural resources, we are certified by the Sustainable Agriculture Network and our coffee in green Rainforest Alliance certified.

As a sign of our great commitment, we also have the UTZ Certified label “Better Farming Better Future” , with which we seek better prospects for farmers, their families and our planet.

So, we have guaranteed that to produce the cup of coffee that you will drink, we are protecting the water, land, wildlife, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, farmers, community and in general, our environment.



As part of our strong environmental commitment, in our farms we have seeded Colombian native trees in danger of extinction as well as other species that serve as food for birds, providing food in a natural way.

Among the trees that we planted you will find: Colombian Pine or Romerón (Retrophyllum rospigliosii), caimarona grape (Pourouma cecropiifolia), molinillo (Talauma hernandezii), among others.

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