Horizontes Coffee

A family company of 50 years of tradition, of second and third generation.
Producing coffee of the best in its class, collected by hand, classified and benefited with care and tradition.


Welcome to this unique experience, this sea of sensations, smells and tastes. Welcome to Hacienda Horizontes.

In the heart of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, years ago, when the energy still did not come to the field and women had to go to do the laundry to the river; a couple of young workers with great capacity for work and a splendid vision, left behind the collector coffee basket to own small plots for farming.


Doña Emma and Don Alberto began a story that takes today more than fifty years of tradition because, with the help of their daughters work, they were able to form one of the more traditional family companies in the region which today is called Café Hacienda Horizontes.


With family work, dedication, union and a horizon in mind, the family worked hand in hand and as polishing a delicate porcelain with coffee aroma, built grain to grain, vintage after vintage, a nice and warm way to survive.


After sixty years, don Alberto dies, leaving the company in charge of his two daughters and his wife, thus making it an organization run by women. With the help of their families (spouses, children and grandchildren), these women entrepreneurs, humble and human warmth, heading a company that seeks to adapt to the market today, the hand of the sustainability and the social.


With social, environmental, human and animal commitment; We live and work today in the hands of Marseilles peasants who know, love, and work in these lands with the love of the one who saw them emerge, grow and modernize.


Each seed sowing, today we irrigate it, take care of, cultivate, harvest, and process as if each bead is unique. Providing love, care, tenacity and above all, infinite and unconditional passion, we carry every grain from the field to your cup so smell and taste a sip of coffee, you feel what we feel living and working every day of our lives in this green ocean formed by coffee trees.



We create jobs and opportunity for growth in the region, providing welfare and financial support to over 1,000 families.


Coffee Hacienda Horizontes

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